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Hundreds of cops are in town this weekend. Here’s where they are.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers from more than 40 South Carolina agencies are here to help local officials with the Atlantic Beach Bikefest crowds.

It’s part of the crime deterrent initiated by the city after shootings on Ocean Boulevard left three people dead during the annual event in 2014.

So, where exactly will all of these police officers be this weekend?

Pick up a rock and throw it. Chances are, you’ll hit a cop and spend the weekend in jail.

The police are pretty much everywhere, hiding in plain sight on every block in Atlantic Beach, and stationed at all of the access points along the infamous traffic loop.

The state patrol is gracious enough to show us exactly where they are in real time.

This is 8 p.m. Friday night.

In addition, they’ll be policing the major roadways into the Grand Strand including the main artery — U.S. 501 from the west.

We would warn drivers to slow down, but that highway will be a parking lot this weekend so there’s little chance of getting a speeding ticket.

Police will be watching for speeders on motorbikes and cars along S.C. 544 heading towards the south end of the Grand Strand, S.C. 22 that lands between North Myrtle and Myrtle Beach, and patrolling Carolina Bays Parkway.

And hopefully, they’ll be prowling the backroads late at night, where country lanes can turn into drag racing strips at the twist of a throttle.

We can already hear them.