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Where tourists and residents will pay certain taxes in July


Tourists and locals will still be paying similar taxes but to different entities beginning July 1, due to the ongoing lawsuit Myrtle Beach filed challenging the county council’s right to collect the fees inside city limits.

The tax money was used to build numerous road projects including S.C. 22, and the county planned on using future collections to pay for it’s local share to complete I-73 to Myrtle Beach.

Local governments must first provide their share of interstate funding before state and federal funding is matched.

The ruling in Myrtle Beach’s favor puts matching funds at risk and could derail the interstate project, according to recent news reports.

The county also planned to use the tax revenue to help pay for $8 million in raises county employees will receive beginning July 1.

Here are the temporary tax collections by the county and city, until the lawsuit is resolved.