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Are residents and tourists getting double-taxed?

Now that everyone is completely confused what who and where hospitality fees will be collected along the Grand Strand, here’s what will happen beginning Monday, July 1.

Tourists and local pay the 1.5% tax on all prepared foods, tickets to amusement parks and special events, and for hotel rooms.

Horry County on Saturday said they will collect the fees everywhere except in Myrtle Beach.

The county will also continue to collect the fees in North Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach.

One problem — of many — both of those municipalities will also start collecting their own hospitality fees on Monday.

County council was expected to change their mind during an emergency meeting Saturday night and limit collections to unincorporated Horry County.

They did not.

The problem now is two-fold.

Consumers could get double-taxed in North Myrtle Beach and Surfside, while businesses are confused about where they should be forwarding their fee collections.

Should affected businesses double their collections? They don’t even know.

As it stands now, North Myrtle and Surfside Beach will likely ask a court judge to rule whether the county can continue the tax inside their jurisdictions.

Stay tuned, the back and forth on this issue is liable to change yet again in the coming weeks.