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Myrtle Beach Post: Who we are

The Myrtle Beach Post cuts through the clickbait to find news from across the Grand Strand and throughout Horry County that matters to you and your community, and then shares those stories in a simple, easy-to-use format.

We’re your front page news.

We’re your one-stop shopping for headline news of what’s happening in your backyard or across the street.

And we do it without those annoying video or pop-up ads.

Our mission is to support local news that informs rather than ridicules, that respects religious and political views without insult.

We also provide original content, sprinkled with just a hint of southern sass.

We welcome opinion articles from local community leaders and elected officials as well as press releases, which can be submitted to

You can reach us through our Facebook page linked here, updated day and night with breaking events, local happenings, and the occasional beach photographs from readers.

We hope you will follow us on Facebook, and Twitter as well.

If you would like to advertise with us, or help sponsor our mission to support community news, please contact us directly.

Audrey Hudson
Phone: 843-267-1232

Audrey Hudson is a veteran journalist with 25 years of national, regional and local news experience, including a decade with The Washington Times covering Congress and Homeland Security.

After too many years of inside-the-Beltway living, she and her husband packed up the Schnauzers and moved to Horry County in 2014 to enjoy life.

Hudson is a native of Kentucky, and her family spent their summers in Myrtle Beach in the late ’70s and early ’80s.


On warm, sunny days, you can often find her on the beach in front of that old house, with her toes in the ocean.