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Horry County Council vote assures 2nd Amendment sanctuary status

An ordinance declaring unincorporated areas of Horry County as a sanctuary for 2nd Amendment rights passed the county council by a 10 to 1 vote Tuesday on second reading.

Councilman Harold Worley was the lone vote against the measure, Councilman Tyler Servant was absent. 

The measure expresses the council’s intention to uphold the 2nd Amendment and withhold taxpayer dollars from being used to infringe on those constitutional rights.

There are no current actions pending before the county to restrict gun rights.

Council members also acknowledge it’s unlikely anti-gun laws would pass the current state legislature, which is largely pro 2nd Amendment.

The county council’s action is largely a response to gun restrictions and red flag laws that have passed in other states including Virginia. 

The overwhelming vote in support of the measure for the second reading signals the ordinance will pass on its final and third reading at the next council meeting.

Here is the full measure: