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Former Myrtle Beach councilman masters the art of name dropping in his new book

There’s a whole chapter devoted to the title of former Myrtle Beach City Councilman Randal Wallace’s new book released this week, Always Vote Your Conscience: Don’t take it personally and Don’t fight the same old battles over and over again.

The title in part is from a quote by James Frazier, one of the most beloved county councilmen to ever sit on the dais in Conway.

It was good advice then, and it sums up everything that has gone wrong in Horry County and across the nation since his passing — politicians and their social media followers taking everything personally, and insisting on waging the same battles, over and over again.

“It is stunning how mean-spirited we have become to one another, and not just in the political world,” Wallace writes.

“It would make professional wrestling proud.”

Wallace expounds on his decades in the local, state and national political world in his first book, now available on Amazon for $9.99.

From his observations of true statesmen like Bob Dole to his first encounter with President Trump in Myrtle Beach, Wallace shows the impact national politics has had on our region over the decades.

Then there’s the local politics.

Wallace masters the name drop, which should send current and past elected officials flipping straight to the index in the back of the book looking for their names.

Wallace dropped off a copy of his book at the Chapin Memorial Library on Friday.

For those of you who don’t have a Kindle and can’t wait for Amazon to deliver, you can sneak a peak there.

We read through the free sample chapters available on Kindle and didn’t see any torrid tales exposed.

Wallace writes with his own folksy manner of the local landscape with humor and a great love of his subjects, while offering lessons on today’s dysfunctional political scene in a gentlemanly tone.

The book’s debut might have come too late to be given to friends as a stocking stuffer, but locals can still treat themselves to an early Christmas present by purchasing it on Kindle.

Well done, Mr. Wallace, and congratulations on your first book.