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Dolphin spotted miles up the Waccamaw River past Conway

Locals reported seeing a dolphin swimming several miles above Conway, South Carolina on the Waccamaw this week, a freshwater, black river that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean into North Carolina.

David Covington of Conway captured the video posted here on Wednesday, when he spotted the mammal swimming north of the Wild Horse subdivision off Highway 90 near Gray Oaks Drive.

“I lived on this section of river for over 15 years. Never seen anything like it,” Covington said.

He followed the dolphin for about 30 minutes as it continued upstream, then it turned and headed south, Covington said.

Another video later surfaced on Facebook of a Conway woman who was with a friend fishing even further north near the Red Bluff boat landing Saturday morning, when she said the dolphin appeared.

See that video linked here.

Also on Saturday, a boat captain captured this amazing video of the dolphin on the north end of the Waccamaw River near Reeves Ferry.

This isn’t the first time dolphins were spotted in the Waccamaw River, just usually not so far north.